Our new CD "Soul Survivor" is in the can. With Demont Crawford  (bass/vocals), Ish Ferguson (drums) and Joe Turano (keys/horns/vocals) we've recorded 11 songs, mostly originals and are in the process of getting the CDs made. I'm also updating this web site to accommodate not only the new CD but also the fact that I'm manufacturing actual CDs for my last album "Echo." Lots doing.
Here's some videos of our  gig at The Trip in Santa Monica
A medley of all 7 songs in 4 minutes
Little by Little
O-o-oh Child
When Tomorrow Comes
Runnin With The Boys
Here more videos on YouTube
And here are some videos with Father Knows Best at a Santa Monica HS fundraiser
Our trip to SE Asia over Christmas 2015 was amazing. What a fascinating and important part of the world with treasures galore. Here are some photos:

I can't put captions on the photos but the itinerary was: Siem Reap, Cambodia/ Luang Prabang, Laos  /  Bangkok, Thailand /  Railay Beach, Thailand /Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia /  Bukit Luwang, Sumatra, Indonesia  & Singapore.