Man, I love this new band. With Demont Crawford  (bass/vocals), Ish Ferguson (drums) and (recently added) Joe Turano (keys/horns/vocals) we've been putting together a couple sets of mostly original music (of mine). Each time we play we get stronger and after 5 gigs it really feels great. The long picture is to work up enough songs for an album. I hope that we will be ready to record by the end of the winter 2016. 
Here's some videos of our  gig at The Trip in Santa Monica
A medley of all 7 songs in 4 minutes
Little by Little
O-o-oh Child
When Tomorrow Comes
Runnin With The Boys
Here more videos on YouTube
And here are some videos with Father Knows Best at a Santa Monica HS fundraiser
Our trip to SE Asia over Christmas was amazing. What a fascinating and important part of the world with treasures galore. Here are some photos:

I can't put captions on the photos but the itinerary was: Siem Reap, Cambodia/ Luang Prabang, Laos  /  Bangkok, Thailand /  Railay Beach, Thailand /Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia /  Bukit Luwang, Sumatra, Indonesia  & Singapore.