From the album of the same name, "Soul Survivor" remembers the time as a HS freshman I was humiliated at a dance in New Jersey when a girl wouldn't dance with me because I didn't know any of the popular dances. Ouch. I then asked my friend and classmate OB to show me the Skate, The Funky Four Corners, etc. and with this enthusiasm rubbing off on my classmates we became a school popular with the girls schools because we were all good dancers! Director- Carol Antoinette, DP- LaTerrian Officer-McIntosh, Camera Operator- Alyssia Dos Reis-Booth, 1st AC- Elizabeth Peterson, Production Coordinator- Mykaila Williams, PA- Dana Taylor.

The deep mediative groove of this song I find compatible with mesmerizing, blacklit, jellyfish. You? Thanks to the Central Coast Aquarium in Avila Beach for allowing me to film.

A music video directed, shot, and edited by Michael Barnard. Featuring Demont Crawford on bass and vocals, Joe Turano on sax, keys, and vocals, Ish Ferguson on drums, Roch Bordenave on trombone (Chad Watson on the recording), and Paul Salvo on the trumpet. Lighting and sound by Michael Patterson and grip Dana Taylor. Thanks to Widney High School for the stage!

β€œMe n U” A video directed by Terri Mcintosh.

A tribute to a talented songwriter, singer, teacher, and old friend. (Photos from Penny's FB page)

Here's some videos of our gig at The Trip in Santa Monica
A medley of all 7 songs in 4 minutes
Little by Little
O-o-oh Child
When Tomorrow Comes
Runnin With The Boys

Here more videos on YouTube
And here are some videos with Father Knows Best at a Santa Monica HS fundraiser


Our trip to SE Asia over Christmas 2015 was amazing. What a fascinating and important part of the world with treasures galore. Here are some photos:

I can't put captions on the photos but the itinerary was: Siem Reap, Cambodia/ Luang Prabang, Laos  /  Bangkok, Thailand /  Railay Beach, Thailand /Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia /  Bukit Luwang, Sumatra, Indonesia  & Singapore.