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As a little kid I was fascinated by the wild sounds coming out of the radio in the 50's. The wild abandon of Little Richard, Johnny Burnett, and, the revolutionary Elvis. I remember walking around the neighborhood singing, "Be Bop, Love you baby!" over and over. Back then I played the violin. I remember being admonished by a hot-shot classical conductor from NYC as he pointed his finger at me hissing, "I hope you don't like the saxophone!" I sheepishly shook my head but had my fingers crossed behind my back with the honking sax in "Red River Rock" blasting in my mind.

A lot has happened between then and now but my love of music has steadily continued. The truth is, I don't want to ever stop.  As one of my teaching assistants said to me, "Michael, if you ever stop playing music, you'll go crazy!". I know she's right.

Demont Crawford (bass and vocals) and Ishmael Ferguson (bass) - thewyldebunch.com
Joe Turano (keys, saxes, vocals) - joeturano.com

Photographer: Joe Cantor